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Logo-the-nat-therapistI have to put together this blog to provide you with simple, straight forward and honest information about natural holistic healthcare and  living a holistic lifestyle, I include information about choosing the right nutrition for health, stress management techniques, spiritual healing with reiki,  Soul Realignment  TM and healing the body with natural remedies. 

The holistic approach to health, illness and healing is based on the concept of ‘Perfect Unity’ of ALL things, and the uniqueness of every system contained within it.

It has long been recognised that our individual state of health and wellbeing is dependent upon not just our physical health alone, but our mental/emotional and spiritual health combined; and that these aspects of ourselves interact and work together to create a ‘complete system – The Human Experience.

It’s also important to be aware that we are also part of a greater interactive system within our environment.

Each of us are on our own unique and unrepeatable journey through life, enjoying experiencing our own divine self expression.  Our state of health, at any time serves as an indicator of the point we have reached on this journey and sit shows how aligned or misaligned we are as a complete being.

Every symptom – be it of body, mind or spirit, gives us a particular message of which we need to perceive and acknowledge, (and very importantly, claim responsibility for).

The human body is a self healing, regenerating organism, if we provide it with the right conditions.

My motto is Educate Not Medicate!

It is essential for us to re-establish harmony within your whole being, by providing the right holistic conditions for divine self expression, and for upholding disease prevention and for natural self healing to occur.  Safely, Naturally, and Completely.

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